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"What binds us together is the common interest in learning from the country we live in, sharing our thoughts and simply making friends with people who enjoy the same things."

-  Margaretha Gloor, Founder of MVP    

Welcome to
Museum Volunteers of the Philippines

Founded in 1981 as a non profit, apolitical, non-sectarian organization, the Museum Volunteers of the Philippines (MVP) aims to study the Philippines setting in its historical and Asian context and to promote friendship and understanding within our international membership. Initially, the MVP focused on voluntary work in local museums but over time has broadened its activities. Between September and May, regular activities include monthly lectures, study groups, the February lecture series, 'MVP After 8' lectures, excursions and the Philippines: Past & Present history course. During June, July and August a summer program is conducted for interested members. Membership entitles you to attend these activities.

MiraNila Lunch
MiraNila Lunch

Mt Purro Trek
Mt Purro Trek


Member Activities

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What MVP Offers

We offer a variety of programs which focus on the art, culture and history of the Philippines and Asia.  Our programs include special lectures with outside speakers (professors, professionals, historians, etc), book clubs, study groups and our popular History Course which covers the history of the Philippines from the pre-colonial era up through current events.


All sessions are conducted online using Zoom.

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 What's Happening at MVP 

MVP is also introducing new hobby groups like Film Club, Watercolor Painting, International Cooking, French and Spanish Conversation, Writers' Club

Ige Ramos Lecture

Be an MVP member... in 2021.

We can only accommodate a small number of applicants and enrollees, especially in our History Course.  So we are sorry to say that we have to close applications for membership at this time. But please do come back and join us in 2021.